Live Webpage as Lock Screen?

Hello again Fedora Family
I would like to have my LOCK screen as a live Data Web page and not as a static Image on GNOME
I have had a Look around but can see nothing so just want to check and If not possible, Could this be arranged at some point ?
Would be superb
Thanks in advance

Hi @orriginal. The lockscreen is part of Gnome, so the Gnome community designs and implements it (like all the other Gnome components). The Fedora community does not develop Gnome (although there is an overlap in Fedora community contributors and Gnome contributors)

I’m not aware of any designs to make it “live” in the future. Please feel free to submit this request to Gnome to discuss it with them.

Design/OS/ScreenLock - GNOME Wiki! says current design is here:

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OK, Thanks For t hat :wink:

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