Live Streaming Initiative / Smartphone as webcam

I enjoy the effort the Fedora developers are putting around live streaming. I wanted to contribute to the Wiki but I can’t yet, so I’ll post one suggestion here.

As someone that has bought an overpriced and crappy webcam during spring 2020, I soon learned to use my iPhone as a webcam because it’s an order of magnitude better quality than any webcam you can buy.

On Windows I used to use Reincubate Camo, which is pretty great but alas no Linux version yet, and I found about Droidcam for Linux, which works for both Android and iOS, but is closed source, and installing it on Fedora is a bit a pain (there’s a third-party COPR). I am not aware of any open-source alternative that works for iOS, and that’s a big market still.

I think it might be worth adding this to the livestreaming initiative wiki, and I would really be pleased if some Fedora, Flatpak or RPMFusion developer could adopt Droidcam and package it as rpm, or better yet, if I could use my smartphone as webcam without using closed source software.