Live mode for silverblue

Can it be possible to have silverblue live mode?

Use cases:

  1. Changing settings for install (Change brightness, enable tap-to-click on touchpad, etc etc)
  2. Browse firefox while it installs
  3. Enable accessibility features [Edit: During installation]

EDIT: I see that some people are getting confused. I meant that you cannot change settings on the installation medium, and live mode would solve that quite easily.

Hello @samisdumb ,
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I’m not quite following along here, what precisely are you meaning? Enabling accessibility features and changing Gnome settings can all be done with Silverblue now, without any special effort on the users part aside from actually doing it. Maybe a bit more info could help.

There currently isn’t a Live CD for Silverblue. Though it’s been discussed before in the past.

How? I didn’t find any option for it in Fedora 35 installation. Granted, I didn’t continue since it was annoying to install it with the screen on full brightness and no tap-to-click.

Sorry, I missed that this was during installation. :face_in_clouds:

So there’s ostree unlock --hotfix, though I really don’t think that’s what you need.