Live Fedora Wayland Gnome Session: How to save it and/or restore it

Hello ! I am fairly new to Fedora.

Using a Live Fedora (Workstation), which lives in RAM; is there a way to “save” with command line and natively the elements of a running Wayland Gnome into a file ? (in case of crash, loss of power, etc…):

At least the following elements

  • running applications
  • opened windows (size and position) and most notably Firefox
  • opened documents
  • recently opened files

Thus there are some Firefox addons, some Gnome Extensions to do a small part of the job , but it is not comprehensive nor native to Gnome inner workings

Thanks !

The live image is to test your infrastructure to see if things work. If you like to use it as a normal installation install it on a stick. I guess you will have performance loss, but you can try it.
Better would be to install it on an external SDD and connect it at least with USB3.

I don’t know if this still works, have a look: