Listing and mounting external USB drives from CLI

I use KDE Dolphin and it has the nice feature of detecting and listing all external disks and allowing a simple double click to mount them at /run/media/user/disk-name

I would really like to have similar behavior available on the command line. Does such utility already exist? What I imagine is something that

list-external-devices # displays the name and status of each storage device currently plugged in
mount-external $NAME # Mounts at /run/media/user/$NAME
umount-external $NAME # Unmounts and destroys the mount point

I know I can do this manually through a series of commands, but as the functionality is somehow integrated into KDE (and I assume many other DEs) it seems like this would likely be accessible from the CLI. Is that naive? If so is there a package that exists that won’t conflict with the DE… i.e. if I mount a device in the CLI it will still show as an external device in KDE Dolphin

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