Linux in Croatia

Miserable state of Linux in Croatia. Interesting thing is that of 5 notebooks reported on LinuxHW in last year with Fedora I own 4. Of 14 (all types) mine are 5. Here are seven top `distros’ reported last year:

Ubuntu 	        23 	18.25%
Fedora 	        14 	11.11%
OpenMandriva 	12 	9.52%
Linux Mint 	    11 	8.73%
Debian 	        10 	7.94%
Arch 	         7 	5.56%
Manjaro 	     6 	4.76%

So, here I feel like stranded in some forgotten outpost. My best achievement as ambassador is that people from my surroundings don’t dare to speak against Linux (at least not in my presence). Especially those that needed and used my help for problems with their Win or Mac machines.

I remember there was a Linux User Group, but it seems that it’s inactive if not dead.

Many thanks for Fedora Discussion.


I know the feeling. When you don’t have a local community, it might be tough.

Do you have an opportunity to join events which are organized nearby (with the definition of “nearby” varying up till Belgium)?

In my days as Fedora Ambassador we had a Fedora Ambassadors EMEA Meetup where we got representatives from different countries, and it was quite helpful to build the connections and share the experience.

Have you considered participating in Fedora booth at FOSDEM for example?


Personally, I think a far more desirable set of results would be:

Fedora 50%
Arch 20%
SUSE 10%
Ubuntu 10%
Pop!_OS 10%

Actually, I am not an ambassador (CommOps), I do related activities when the opportunity arises. Most often, it is about refuting incorrect claims. Sometimes, when someone comes along whom I judge to have a good enough predisposition and shows interest, then I try to show them some useful things to start with, a few of them have embraced Linux. Unfortunately, they all went to work abroad.

I can’t travel abroad, my old parents need me every day or two to help them. I was totally delighted with F38 release party, it filled the void that formed through years.

All in all, I’m happy to be here on the Fedora discussion. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


These numbers show only those who registered their systems on Linux-hardware. They represent only part of the situation, but it is at least a reliably measurable part. If we assume that everywhere an approximately equal percentage of people are inclined to send data to Linux hardware, then Linux is weakly present in Croatia. It could be assumed that Croats are less inclined to cooperate for the common good, closed, antisocial … and that there are more installations than could be concluded from the above data. That would be even worse than the previous one, IMHO. Knowing the mentality, that is almost certainly not the case. Waiting for better times, I can continue to remove the “rocks that have rolled into the road”.

There is no formal definition of the ambassador anyway, so you can and I think deserve to call yourself that anyway :slight_smile:

And I am glad Fedora Release Party is working for you, I am looking forward to the next one too.

Oh, but there is… from the 2020 revamp effort, see Fedora Ambassadors :: Fedora Docs

Although, I think that if you don’t know about that, I think that’s a pretty big indicator that it’s not functioning at even a very basic level.

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This one is probably on me.

I have told myself several times that I should go check the latest state of things, but I haven’t really followed the changes for a long time.

Time to actually read it, I guess :slight_smile:

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I didn’t mean to call you out personally. We have a general problem with making import things visible — and keeping them going.