Links for frequent resources?

Hi @mattdm ,
I am finding that I enter a lot of repeat links for users here (and discussion too) for things like release-notes filing-bugs, fedora-magazine articles, etc… What is the possibility of making a tag with a permanent link to release notes for instance?

Definitely possible. There is a Discourse theme component called “tag sidebar” which isn’t enabled on this site but could help. See for an example of what that looks like.

There is also a “canned replies” feature, but it’s limited to site staff, which is kind of annoying. (Even though we could add trusted people to “staff”, I don’t like the idea of it being limited in that way, so if we can’t have it for more people I think we shouldn’t use it at all.)

It’s possible there are other theme components or plugins which could also help, but I’m not sure offhand…

So the tag is really a side bar topic you hide, is that correct?

What it does is link a topic to a tag, so that when you click on that tag, in addition to the list of questions with that tag, you get a sidebar with the text of that associated topic.

In the case here, I think instead of having hidden topics, we would leave them visible, and they’d be wiki topics with subjects like “Resources for Fedora Magazine”, “Resources for filing bugs”, etc.

This sounds good, but like for release notes for instance, would it be able to point to current release release notes instead of versioned?

I think that’s probably best handled on the docs site.