LibreOffice crash stable on Kinoite + AMD graphic

LibreOffice goes out from screen and disappears from the taskbar in 0.5 - 4 minutes after the start.

Crash occurs on both Wayland and X11. The office works less on Wayland (1 min), and on X11 longer (~4 min). The error is reproduced for me if the LibreOffice window, expanded to the full screen, is overlap by the Firefox window.

What I tried on X11 :

1 Disabled anti-aliasing in normal libreoffice mode (Tools-Options-LibreOffice-View)
2 Disabled full hardware acceleration in LibreOffice safe mode
3 Reset the user profile, so that LibreOffice booted as for the first time
4 Reinstalled LibreOffice
5 Reinstall libreoffice-kf5 package over rpm-ostree

All these measures did not help.

I tested on the same machine with AMD graphics LibreOffice on GNOME (Fedora Silverblue) - it works stable.

I tested LibreOffice on Fedora Kinoite on old machine with Intel graphics without libreoffice-kf5 - it works stable.

I have not yet tested LibreOffice on a not-Silverblue Fedora KDE spin.

I would be very grateful for any thoughts, that would help solve the problem.


Hi @st834 How do you install Libreoffice?
LibreOffice (Flatpak) crashes in Wayland,

A plug in for X11 exists Libreoffice-x11 Download (RPM)

Maybe there is a solution for your problems?

Thank you so much for your ansver!

I will definitely research and install the package you recommended.

I install Office over Fatpack on Fedora Kinoite.

I also compared the folder structure for the applications of Fedora Silverblue and Kiinoite, they are different. In Silverblue, most embedded applications are installed over Flatpack. There is not a single one in Kinoite, so it seems that all packages and applications are built into the system.

I checked the work of the Office on the Fedora KDE Spin. Everything works stably.

I checked the availability of the libreoffice-kf5 package, it is installed. I’m not sure if this package comes with a libreoffice from Flatpack. But I installed it on Kinoite artificially and it did not give results.