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After you upgrade to Fedora 33, if you get any problem with Jellyfin, you may try to get a clue of what is happening by looking at the program execution log with this command:

$ systemctl status jellyfin.service

Here are two issues I personally got:

  • The log showed some permission denied errors for files under /var/lib/jellyfin. Changing the directory’s owner to jellyfin:jellyfin resolved the issue:

    # chown jellyfin:jellyfin /var/lib/jellyfin
  • Cover arts and thumbnails were missing in the web client. The log told me it could not find files under /var/cache/jellyfin. I stopped Jellyfin, removed everything under that directory, then restarted it. Issue solved.

    # systemctl stop jellyfin.service
    # rm -r /var/cache/jellyfin/*
    # systemctl start jellyfin.service