Lenovo T14s Issue with Multiple Monitors after Update last night

Hi Community,

while shutting down my computer last night, I got several package-updates. Now, i have an issue with my multi-monitoring Setup containing 3x Lenovo T24d-10 and the internal screen connected through Lenovo USB C Gen 2 Dock.

After activating more than 1 external screen, they’ll randomly shuffled while initializing. This time, logical Monitor 2 is Physical Monitor 1, another time, logical Monitor 2 is Physical 2. If i turn the 3rd monitor on, they are shuffled like game cards… i couldn’t figure out, which package is the faulty one, but i guess, one of the mesa packages, because it affected both display Server Wayland and X11. Rollback is not possible.

Workaround for now is to disable the 3rd and 4th monitor.

What can i do now?

DNF Log for more information, coun’t paste it here as spoiler because of this forum’s limitations, so you’ll find it here:

Edit: It looks like Kernel 6.1.x series are faulty, booting 6.0.17 is now my workaround for using my monitors. Testing another Dock (i-tec) result in the same problem. It looks like Kernel 6.1.x has some issues with multiple external Monitors. Hey, this isn’t a mac :smiley:

I hate updates that I have no control of or information about. I personally disable the offline updates so I can see and control what is being updated.
That can be done with sudo systemctl disable packagekit-offline-update.service followed by sudo systemctl mask packagekit-offline-update.service

This is not the first thread about problems with multiple monitors on an external dock. Maybe one of the others has a solution if you search for them.