Lenovo Flex 5 Configure tablet mode

Hello World,

I am having an issue with the 2-in-1 not entering theater mode (disable trackpad and keyboard) when the screen is bent beyond 180°. Currently it only enables theater mode when it is completely folded into a tablet.

This is the position I would like to use the laptop, but without the keyboard and trackpad enabled.

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Hey @chall3ng3! I am most probably the last person who should ever attempt to say anything here, I am new to Fedora and to Linux as well.

Anyways, I finished yesterday evening to troubleshoot a little Lenovo Miix 300 (2-in-1) I got recently, where I had problems with the screen rotation working 90 degrees off and also mirrored 180 degrees upside-down in both directions as well (I still have pain in the neck) :rofl:.

From what you say I would assume that the Theater mode (does it exist in Gnome by default?) is engaged by some magnetic sensors when the bottom of the keyboard is near enough to the screen. But I could be wrong! Could you see how the machine behaves in Win?

If the behaviour is regulated by the gyros instead, that means that there must be at least 2 of them, and that the system needs to compare the on on the screen part with the one on the keyboard… did you try to rotate randomly the whole machine while in that position and see, if anything changes?

In any case the source where I learned how to override (alias) the matrix that tells Gnome what the sensors are doing, is here.

That does not mean that your problem is caused by this, I don’t even know if Gnome has such a Theater mode at all, BUT you could give this page a look anyways. It is not destructive, you can always delete the file, update the hardware database, reboot and you are back where you started from.

The matrix is composed by 3 groups of 3 entries,
the 3rd one should be the z axis, that should take care - in your case - of the position.

The first “cat” call should let you know how many sensors you have and their name.

Hope it can throw some light on the problem.