LED for driver igc (I225 NIC ) does not work with kernel 6.9.x

it looks like something fails to enable the LED for the built-in NIC ( Intel NUC11PHK ) for the I225 NIC (driver igc ).
had no issues with previous 6.8.x kernels, but the 6.9.x
kernels have some new config options enabled:

$ grep -i CONFIG_IGC_LEDS  /boot/config-6.9.4-200.fc40.x86_64 
$ grep -i CONFIG_IGC_LEDS  /boot/config-6.8.*

the LED works when I boot the kernel test image kerneltest-6.9.3.iso
I then installed the same kernel version from koji and the LED goes dark.

Any ideas?

the solution for now is to blacklist the ledtrig_netdev module

I guess this might fix this issue in the upcoming 6.9.6 kernel