League of Legends issues with flatpak

I have exact same error trying to install League of Legends and didnt figure it out yet.

Hey @bogdanalimanoficial This is a very old thread ( 3yrs old. . . ) and many things have changed. Also, may topics discussed here . What is exactly the issue you are having.

Do you want to install LoL on Fedora Workstation ? We need some information from you, What Fedora version you are on and if you are using WINE/Lutris/Proton/GE ?

Either way, here are some tips, Most people use Lutris with a LoL config and done, Heroic Launcher also works and of course ProtonGE.

Here are some helpful tips :

ProtonGE works as well if you know what to do with Lutris.

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I am running the latest Fedora 39 and I was trying to install LoL with Lutris. I was able to install the client, I got 2 LoL icons a normal one and one with nvidia in it’s name. But when I run the client for game install it just tells me to chose what version I want exe EUNE cuz I am from Europe and after I press install it does nothing. And I am stuck there.

Sorry for my bad explenation but english ain’t my natal language.

I have tried to do exactly what the guy does in that YouTube video and it works only untill a point. In the video the guy get this screen where the game is installed and he can login but all I get is the little bar in the top left corner and it’s stuck there.

Have you tried extending the bar, to see what it is. I see it is minimized.

yes, but i couldnt extend it, it wont let me.

In the video, is the person not using Chromium? If you are using FF it may need some adjustment to accommodate game play. I’ve never tried it.

Ok, well try using the Lutris script instead. It seems to be updated more regularly.

I finally did it!

I installed LoL and for me it worked very good with Heroic Games Launcher.

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for other collegues who have problems installing league of legends on fedora and are in search for a way to do it here it is the YouTube video that helped me.