Launch FAQ: Which container runtimes are available on Fedora CoreOS?


Fedora CoreOS includes the Docker, podman, and CRI-O container runtimes by default. Based on community engagement and support this list could change over time.


Is podman replacing rkt? Rkt has been really useful as a systemd spawned stable container runtime vs docker. I believe a lot of kubelet installation procedures use kubelet-wrapper. i.e. poseidon/typhoon.


I do not know if podman replace rkt (cause I think the internals are not the same, the method are not the same), but podman can be used to integrate with systemd service like rkt do, and seems ore pleasant to use for that than docker.


When this has been discussed before, we’ve recommended that users that are interested in rkt to evaluate the capabilities of podman and file issues upstream about anything they see missing.

We can’t guarantee that podman will replace all of the functionality that rkt had, but perhaps there can be incremental progress in that area.


Is podman available in a distro-independent binary format?


I don’t see any binary releases on their GitHub repo, but their build instructions are pretty good -


The dependencies looked a bit daunting - I suppose there’s a container for that via source-to-image but I like binary releases better.


Containers to the rescue!

I’m usually doing one-off builds of podman etc, so I’ll just fire up a container with all the dependencies installed and bind mount a directory from the host into the container. When the build is done, I can copy the binary to anywhere on the host I would like.