Launch FAQ: What happens to Project Atomic?

Project Atomic is an umbrella project consisting of two flavors of Atomic Host (Fedora and CentOS) as well as various other container-related projects. Project Atomic as a project name will be sunset by the end of 2018 with a stronger individual focus on its successful projects such as Buildah and Cockpit. This merges the community side of the operating system more effectively with Fedora and allows for a clearer communication for other community-supported projects, specifically the well-adopted #nobigfatdaemons approach of Buildah and the versatile GUI server manager Cockpit.

Related to this, do we have a plan/idea for where repos/projects under the projectatomic GitHub org will land?

Are they all going under the coreos org?


I think some of them may go under Some of them may go under a new org or other orgs like Achieving a structure that is less confusing should be a goal.

I don’t have a strong preference, but I think if we choose one, the rest should be read-only and still exist only for reference. It would be great if new interactions happen in the single chose place/repo/forum.