Launch FAQ: Can I run Kubernetes on Fedora CoreOS?


Yes. However, we envision Fedora CoreOS as not including a specific container orchestrator (or version of Kubernetes) by default — just like Container Linux and Atomic Host. We will work with the upstream Kubernetes community on tools (e.g. kubeadm) and best practices for installing Kubernetes on Fedora CoreOS.


@sanja , FYI, CoreOS(Container Linux) actually ships with wrapper scripts to run kubernetes(kubelet) on rkt. It even states the version of kubernetes. The same goes for etcd and etc. A typical way of ignition was using bootkube, not kubeadm. With CoreOS you didn’t even have to think about best practices on installing Kubernetes, it was just a matter of running another container instance.

I have an additional question, can Fedora CoreOS be kickstarted with bootkube?