Latest update blocks all wifi and wired connected

Hello everyone. I’m using a Framework laptop and just noticed that, after a recent update, I cannot access the internet via wired or wifi connections.


Web browsers(Firefox), redirects me to the “Cannot connect to the server” page.

sudo dnf check-up date gives me Curl Error 6, failed to download metadata.

And Ping results in “Name or service not known”.

The weired thing is, whenever I connect to a wifi or wired connection, Gnome settings recognizes it perfectly fine. Visually, there shouldn’t be any issues with my internet connection.


Batch 4 gen 1 Framework Laptop with
Intel 11th gen i7 1165g7
And the wifi card is the Intel WiFi6 AX210

Does anyone know why this is happening?


I just restored my last Timeshift backup with working wifi.

Here is the hardware probe.

It is unusual for both wired and wifi to fail at the same time. Your hardware probe doesn’t mention wired network hardware.

It would help if you could run diagnostic commands, but restoring a backup removes that possibility, so there is little that can be done now short of repeating the update.

What was in the “latest update”? Did you try booting an earlier kernel from the grub menu?
You may want to install the problematic Fedora configuration on an external drive so you can run diagnostics and then boot to a working configuration to post the results.

Since Framework supports Fedora 38, you should report your experience on the Framework forum with sufficient detail to allow others to reproduce the problem.
Please update this thread when you find a solution.