Latest Status of Fedora L10n platform migration

Dear projects’ maintainers and developers,

Since the Fedora L10n platform had been successfully migrated to Weblate, and the previous platform is at its EOL, and will be shutdown soon.

The projects’ L10n related work should all be migrated to the new platform, so that the future Fedora release will not be affected and will be as smoothly as before.

Till now, there are 39 projects have migrated to Weblate, 4 projects are in progress of migration, 25 projects plan to migrate, but haven’t started yet. Another 26 projects needs to be confirmed whether they are required to migrate. These statistics is from wiki page[1].

So for the 51 projects which the migrating work haven’t been started, we kindly urge the maintainers/developers to begin the migration. Also please update the status in the migration status table on the wiki page[1].

If your friends, colleagues are the contacts of the projects, please help us to tell them about the migration plan.

Thank you very much.