Latest Mullvad Client Taskbar Icon Wrong

Hoping someone else has run into this… The latest Mullvad vpn client (2023.4-beta1) taskbar icon is not showing properly—i.e., a locked or unlocked padlock—but just a set of ellipses. When I inquired with the Mullvad folks, they seem to think it’s an F38 issue and/or GNOME Shell one and not with their side.

Anyone experiencing this, too, or resolved it?

Thanks, in advance…

I am not using their vpn client, but are seeing the same thing you are describing, when i connect to Mullvad from a terminal using wireguard. At first i was unsure if it connected correctly, but their leaktest show that it is.

For me this is happening at random, not every time i connect, and i have no idea how to fix it.

Apparently, the tray icon is handled by Electron and Mullvad updated the version of Electron in the 2023.4-beta1 version, so that may be the issue.

I am also experiencing the issue with Mullvad’s tray icon. I see similar issues with some other 3rd party app icons as well. For me, if I lock the screen, then unlock, the icon then appears correctly. Also if I switch the AppIndicator extension off, then on again…the icon appears correctly.

I left a comment on the “AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem” support page but have not received any replies.

I’m running Fedora 38 on Wayland. I understand that the issue really belongs to Gnome and the app developer, but maybe it’s helpful to report it here too, in the hopes of finding a workaround or fix.

Update: Using the Mullvad Beta 2023.5 fixed the issue, for this icon anyway :slightly_smiling_face: