Laptop sometimes locks up? After resuming from sleep

Sometimes my laptop will lock up after resuming from sleep I don’t know if it’s a bios issue or a Linux one I’ll explain.

My laptop has a light on the side of it and whenever it suspends it’ll blink and when it resumes from suspend it’ll just stay lit.

Sometimes completely randomly Ill resume from suspend and the laptops screen won’t turn on and won’t respond to anything not even the switch to turn on the keyboard backlight (which is completely bios controlled) but the blinking light changes to solid.

Here are my logs.

Heres a log for a normal suspend and resume action to give you an idea.

Heres the log for when it locks up as you can see the resume part is completely missing like the system still thinks its suspended even though the blinking light changes to solid like it’s resumed from suspend.

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I had such a case. After sleep, the computer did not respond to any actions. Somehow I managed to start it for a long time holding the ‘Power’ button. Since then, I’ve turned off the computer sleep. Here in the forum no one will answer you. Alternatively: “putting to sleep in Linux is a complicated matter…” On Windows, I’ve never had problems with sleeping, which means that it can be done well

I am sorry to disagree.
This forum is usually very quick to answer and provide useful suggestions and fixes.

If the poster does not provide adequate information or readers do not have useful suggestions then the post may not receive a prompt response. We are, after all, purely volunteers and all have differing experience levels so one cannot expect the level of support that a paid contract would bring.

However, denigrating this forum in this way is disingenuous.

Everyone should keep in mind the suggestions here.