Laptop shuts down when booting into Fedora 36 and/or Windows 10

Hey all. I recently installed Fedora 36 on my T480 (installed with Windows 10) without any issues. I had no prior problems with my device until a few days after installation where the laptop would unexpectedly shut off when booting into Windows (which has now infected Fedora as booting into it sometimes results into shutdown). It doesn’t always shut down upon boot and is (at times) alleviated by numerous attempts at re-booting after shutdown.

I know this is not a very effective solution as I am newbie in terms of hardware, software and OSs. This is why I am here on this forum asking for some much-needed help if someone is kind enough to lend it to me. If you need anymore info or certain instructions to be carried out, please lmk. I understand that the information I am giving is a bit broad, but again I really don’t know how to navigate this issue. Thank you.

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Welcome to ask.fedora @jjj10

Please take time to read #start-here if you not done already.

T480 seams to be a solid hardware. If it is an older one you should take in consideration to clean or let it clean. I mean using contact spray to clean the contacts of the memory, cleaning ventilators etc.

Overheating and or corrosion is a bad enemy of computer electronics.

If this not helps you might have a defect component who causes this problem.

This is a clear sign of something like i described above. If it happens on both os’es the chances of software problem is small.

Thank you. I’ve found potentially helpful information in the user docs so I’ll check that out.