Laptop immediately wakes up after suspend

After a couple of latest updates system refuses to go to sleep and immediately wakes up. Turning on airplane mode fixes issue, but it worked fine before without it. Tried clean install and suspend worked as expected, but after upgrade to latest image and kernel problem returned. How to fix this? Maybe it’s a kernel problem or network-manager?
I looked at the logs and found this message:

NetworkManager[1040]: [1679234061.3831] manager: sleep: wake requested (sleeping: yes enabled: yes)

It happens on both: latest f37 and f38.
I’m using silverblue.

I wonder if the solution here may be related to your issue, which seems triggered by NetworkManager

I tried this now, it didn’t help. Only stopping NetworkManager.service helps or turning on aiplane mode.

I found the ostree commit that caused the issue:


From 2023-03-15
Changes between commits:

amd-gpu-firmware 20230210-147.fc37 → 20230310-148.fc37
intel-gpu-firmware 20230210-147.fc37 → 20230310-148.fc37
iwl100-firmware →
iwl1000-firmware 1: → 1:
iwl105-firmware →
iwl135-firmware →
iwl2000-firmware →
iwl2030-firmware →
iwl3160-firmware 1: → 1:
iwl3945-firmware →
iwl4965-firmware →
iwl5000-firmware →
iwl5150-firmware →
iwl6000-firmware →
iwl6000g2a-firmware →
iwl6000g2b-firmware →
iwl6050-firmware →
iwl7260-firmware 1: → 1:
iwlax2xx-firmware 20230210-147.fc37 → 20230310-148.fc37
libertas-usb8388-firmware 2:20230210-147.fc37 → 2:20230310-148.fc37
linux-firmware 20230210-147.fc37 → 20230310-148.fc37
linux-firmware-whence 20230210-147.fc37 → 20230310-148.fc37
nvidia-gpu-firmware 20230210-147.fc37 → 20230310-148.fc37
webp-pixbuf-loader 0.2.1-1.fc37 → 0.2.2-1.fc37

Similar problem here. Suspend only works in Airplane mode. F38.

It’s a bug with wifi driver. I’ve reported it upstream. Must be fixed in next linux-firmware update.

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Exactly same issue here,suspend only works properly when airplane mode is on

The simplest workaround until bug is fixed is to create systemd service that disabling module on suspend and enabling it on wakeup.

  1. Create file /etc/systemd/system/root-suspend-fix.service:

Description=Suspend fix for ath11k_pci

ExecStart=-modprobe -r ath11k_pci
ExecStop=-modprobe ath11k_pci


  1. Enable service:
    sudo systemctl enable --now root-suspend-fix.service