Laptop fans spin fast when plugging usb harddrive

Hi all,

I have this weird issue that when I plug in an external portable USB3 harddrives (not SSD) my laptop fans start spinning high. If I disconnect and unplug the harddrive, my fans go back to quiet.

Laptop temperatures are below 40c and no high CPU usage when plugging in the drive.

I do have a lot of files on my external harddrives and thought it might be indexing files, but I disabled search in settings.

No problems on my Windows dual boot.

Fedora 36 updated. Dell Vostro 7510

use htopand powertop to see if and what process is taking up CPU time when plugging in the drive.

Thanks for the commands.

I couldn’t pin point what was happening to cause the fans to increase from the commands, but I did notice that if I used a USB-C external drive the fans didn’t spin high, or if I plugged in a USB-C hub and plug in the USB-3 to the hub the fans didn’t spin high.

So I think there are some thermal management problem when plugging hard drives using the USB 3 ports for this laptop and not sure how to fix it.