Landing in emergency mode no matter which ostree commit I choose


I’m fairly comfortable in the command line but I don’t know where to start debugging this. I did an update recently and it just exploded into emergency mode. I did experience random freezes at times (sometimes temporary, sometimes not) but these are probably unrelated.

I’m on a Thinkpad E590.

I plan to move to a bigger drive soon so if it’s not easily fixable I would like to at least recover the list of flatpaks and packages that I have layered. rpm-ostree says it can’t read dbus stuff when I try it in emergency mode.

Getting /home/ from the drive shouldn’t be an issue.

Screen photos below:

Probably not the same but try to remove the resume=‘hash’ in the bootloader somehow this broken hibernate stuff broke things sometimes for me.

Removed it, booted with ctrl+r - still lands in recovery mode :(.

Can you run systemctl --failed and post the output?

Fixed it :)!

Ran fsck on /dev/mapper/fedora-home, fixed some issues and it boots without issues now.

Thanks for your help.