Labs downlods aren't working

Hi, I tried downloading iso files from using different browser, different computer and even on different connection. All failing with a forbidden error. Can anyone download?

Hello @chagla,
I am now downloading the Python Classroom and everything seems ok.

This could have been some infrastructure problem that has been resolved.

Also what if the problem is at your side? Have you checked that the directory where you want to download to is writable?

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I just downloaded the comp-neuro lab too, and it works fine here too. Please try again, maybe using a command line tool like wget and see what errors it throws?


(the URL is the link from the “download” button)

Gentlemen, thanks for your response. Although it is working now, it was an issue before. After I emailed, Stephen quickly resolved the 403 issue with cloudfare. See Issue #10685: links are broken - fedora-infrastructure -

You can close this thread.

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