Kyiv (Ukraine) OSDNConf 15 September - submit your talks

Nothing better than to practice your public speaking skills with public speaking.

There’s a CFP open until 7 September for the Open Source and Linux conference in Kyiv, Ukraine.

CFP direct link:

If you’d like to submit there, feel free to do it - if your talk gets accepted and your travel is reasonably priced (no overseas flights), we’ll take care of your flight/train and hotel. The talk has to cover Fedora (any flavour) in its contents - whether it is about the Fedora Project itself, about certain editions of it, about being a developer using Fedora, about packaging, or similar topics. Local people or people from neighbouring countries preferred.

Reply here or via DM if you’re interested.

Well, I guess Germany is a bit far away from Ukraine? But would take the challenge and chance to hold a lecture;)



Already wrote you an email. :slight_smile:

That’s not to discourage others who are interested - let me know here or via DM, also if you know of other conferences where you’d like to speak.

thx :slight_smile: I’ll answer you right now.
At this conference I warmly recommend on it. I want to speak there and I have registered my lecture already. :slight_smile:

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Wow, a deadline that finish 1 week before the actual conference, that’s a rather audacious schedule.

And this is a bit curious, there is no woman speaking on the 2018 edition so far, neither in the 2017 playlist, nor in the 2016 set of videos.

Yeah, many Eastern European conferences unfortunately tend to still have a diversity problem which some organisers try to remedy but some just aren’t aware.

Regarding the scheduling: I think they just accept talks as they come along and the deadline is the ultimate “no abstract shall pass”. They do it similarly at other open source events, so all I’m saying are just assumptions.