Kernel built of longterm 6.1 branch (WIP)

Installation Instructions

This repository is created in the hope it will be useful. But is provided without any warranty.

This kernel built of the longterm support 6.1 branch (LT) is derived from the fedora spec file adapted to build across RHEL/CentOS and current Fedora releases. This kernel should be useful for those using external kernel modules, but don't want to re-base their kernel too often and break their external modules compatibility. It should also be useful for "Enterprise Linux" users where their modified kernel might produce incompatibilities with external modules. Or even those of us who want to run closer to upstream kernel code.

If you want to provide any donation, contributions are welcomed with

Switch to kernel longterm 6.1

sudo dnf copr enable kwizart/kernel-longterm-6.1 sudo dnf install kernel-longterm sudo reboot

Install devel packages for external kernel modules needs

sudo dnf install kernel-longterm-devel

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Is there any MOK key that I should have on my system (Fedora 38)? It’s a bit annoying to sign the kernel after each update.

Thanks for rising this point.

Best would be to automate this on end-users systems. AKA same as using the akmod for building dedicated kmod. But of course it’s moot if you expect to protect your key. (So you need to trust your system).

Would you help to contribute that approach to akmods ?

Site note: I should have fixed the aarch64 build for f39+.
Hopefully the build should be all green on the next update…

Sorry, I don’t know how to automate it even on my own machine. I expected that you have generated key for signing the kernels, that I have to import on my PC, like Ventoy do it.

If you follow akmods docs on secureboot (rpm -qd akmods).
you should generate an akmod key that should also work for kernel.
See also

Unfortunately, I had no success with akmods, so I create a postinst script for signing the kernels Automatically signing long term kernels with Machine Owner Key (MOK) using post-install script · GitHub

Hi, this - and I suppose all your kernel RPMS - are not ready for Silverblue, installation fails with

sudo rpm-ostree install kernel-longterm
Downloading from ‘’… done
Importing packages… done
Applying 5 overrides and 75 overlays
Processing packages… done
Running pre scripts… done
Running post scripts… done
Running posttrans scripts… done
error: Running %posttrans for kernel-longterm-core: bwrap(/bin/sh): Child process killed by signal 1; run journalctl -t 'rpm-ostree(kernel-longterm-core.posttrans)' for more information

Since the fedora live kernel is currently Oopsing again and it is mind-boggling why the LTS kernel is not part of standard fedora to begin with, what is the requirement to get this one running under Silverblue time/money wise or better yet get it into Fedora proper?

Thanks for the report.

What is the output of journalctl -t 'rpm-ostree(kernel-longterm-core.posttrans) in your case ?
The kernel should behave like the normal fedora kernel package with respect to ostree. Now maybe there are changes in the ostree side that would not apply to the kernel-longterm package…

This would need investigations…

journalctl -t ‘rpm-ostree(kernel-longterm-core.posttrans)’
Nov 14 18:02:33 t470 rpm-ostree(kernel-longterm-core.posttrans)[12896]: Failed to chase ‘/boot’: No such file or directory
Nov 14 18:03:19 t470 rpm-ostree(kernel-longterm-core.posttrans)[13562]: Failed to chase ‘/boot’: No such file or directory
– Boot 4ba26ce60f6f4755b8638bf75dd7d1bc –
Nov 14 18:05:08 t470 rpm-ostree(kernel-longterm-core.posttrans)[5613]: Failed to chase ‘/boot’: No such file or directory
– Boot 366bc03942614feb820f8f2bf6e05c16 –
Nov 30 19:52:20 t470 rpm-ostree(kernel-longterm-core.posttrans)[64912]: Failed to chase ‘/boot’: No such file or directory

Are you able to reproduce with installing another fedora kernel, like

Also it seems like there is an open bug for this issue (this used to work according to some users):

I can install koji kernels just fine.

Because I tried the current 6.6 kernel - which still goes into panic - I noticed that the last stable version 6.4 was deleted from Koji when I tried to reinstall it. Left without a non-crashing kernel I tried installing kernel-longterm again today. Still fails but with a slightly different error than given above:

rt.posttrans)[21857]: /usr/bin/dracut: line 1056: /sys/module/firmware_class/parameters/path: No such file or directory
rt.posttrans)[21857]: dracut: No ‘/dev/log’ or ‘logger’ included for syslog logging
rt.posttrans)[21857]: dracut: Can’t write to /boot: Directory /boot does not exist or is not accessible.
rt.posttrans)[21822]: /usr/lib/kernel/install.d/50-dracut.install failed with exit status 1.

I managed to workaround the issue and install the longterm kernel.

The problem appears to be that this commandline

 rpm-ostree override remove kernel kernel-core kernel-modules --install kernel-longterm

pulls in a package kernel-uci-virt, which is either broken or too large to fit into /boot of a default Fedora Silverblue install.

Simplifying the command

rpm-ostree override remove kernel --install kernel-longterm

this kernel-uci-virt stuff is omitted and the command succeeds.

It also works if you make command longer instead of shorter by removing all of the kernel modules packages

rpm-ostree override remove kernel kernel-core kernel-modules kernel-modules-core kernel-modules-extra --install kernel-longterm