Kernel built of longterm 5.15 branch (placeholder)

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Public scheduled once Fedora will move to kernel 5.16 into branches.

Please test and report issue to the Fedora kernel team directly until then.

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could you add
Provides kernel-devel = 5.15.35-200.fc35
in kernel-longterm-devel
now there is

kernel-devel-uname-r = 5.15.35-200.fc35.x86_64
kernel-devel-x86_64 = 5.15.35-200.fc35
kernel-longterm-devel = 5.15.35-200.fc35
kernel-longterm-devel(x86-64) = 5.15.35-200.fc35

but no bare kernel-devel

Can we expect a 5.15 build for Fedora 36?

There is already a kernel-longterm build for f36 “I’m using it in my probook laptop” and I’ve even managed to sign it with my own secureboot key (the same used to sign akmods)".

So not sure what’s your problem here…

Why do you need a kernel-devel for ? You are expected to use kernel-devel-uname-r purposely (to be package “variant” agnostic).

Using kernel-devel will interfere with fedora kernel-devel higher EVR (unless you are spearking about EL case ?).

Thank you Nicolas for your work. It’s a very nice thing to have for those of us who want some kernel stability :slight_smile:

Can anyone confirm if this makes Fedora 37 compatible with the displaylink-rpm?

Hi, I’ve switched to kernel-longterm-5.15 because 5.10 wasn’t compiled any more for my Fedora 37.
Recently, I’ll get an update for dkms, and still then I get an error on loading dkms.service at startup
Any chance to solve this ?
I have open a ticket here :

and here:
There it was suggested to contact kwizard.

Hi, please can you apply the patch from there below to be compatible secure boot ?

The patch is applied btw. Thanks for the report.