KVM/QEMU fails to copy processor's virtualization flag

There is a check-box in the virtualization setup indicating copy of host machine processor attributes. I have no problem creating virtual machines on my AMD Ryzen 5, so I know my processor is okay to run libvirt. But the virtualization flag <lsmod | grep kvm> is not present on the virtual client. I am trying to set up a small test environment for this Kubernetes class I am taking, and I am stuck because my virtual test machines call for virtualization.

Have you tried the tips suggested here:

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No, I had not! And I am somewhat embarrassed the solution is so in-plain-sight. My frustration, hence my negligence, is due to the struggle with Ubuntu’s package management system. Since I am running Ubuntu servers because of class requirements, I am having a hard time finding the equivalent of dnf/yum/rpm utilities I have grown to depend on.

In any case, thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction.

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