Krunner launch apps showing another theme and font size


When I run Krunner using the ALT+space shortcut and select a app to run, the app is launched with a totally different window theme and font configuration .
For example, I use the dark theme in my desktop and when the app is launched from krunner, the app is showed using the light theme and a much smaller font size.

But if I run krunner from the start menu all works nicely.

I’m using Fedora 33 with KDE 5.20.3

Thanks for any help

I found the answer in

Open a terminal and do: "killall krunner ; HOME=~ krunner ", and try to open an application and see if the theme is correct.

I’m having this problem as well. While restarting KRunner does fix it, this isn’t a persistent fix. Did you figure out how to make it work after rebooting?