Koji f38 i686 buildroot setup fail

Hello, just in case duplicating a mail I sent to the infra list.

Have a strange f38 i686 buildroot setup failure in koji

DEBUG util.py:442:  Error unpacking rpm package shadow-utils-2:4.13-6.fc38.i686
DEBUG util.py:444:  error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/bin/newgidmap;649d86fa: cpio: cap_set_file failed - Value too large for defined data type
DEBUG util.py:444:  error: shadow-utils-2:4.13-6.fc38.i686: install failed

While other i686 builds seems to be working OK e.g. (pipewire-0.3.72-2.fc38.src.rpm, i686)

The only meaning full difference might be buildvm vs buildhw for the builder instance


I’ll reply with the same thing I posted to the infra list. :wink:

Basically this looks like a bug. I am not sure where, but start with rpm
and they can move it from there?

I’m happy to file the bug, but it might be better if you do so if you
have time to interact with maintainers on it.