Knoite Plasma 6 beta 2 - Window preview/peek is mirrored

The issue is that the preview/peek window is mirrored upside-down.
Notice the Discover icon.

This is not a bug tracker. Bugs for upstream, unreleased version and Rawhide should be filed in Fedora’s Bugzilla or in this case upstream to

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That said… I think it’s okay to post about and discuss problems here — something someone encounters may be the result of one or more bugs (and conversely, a bug may express itself in many different ways).

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Ok. That page is a bit of a mess for me, so i filled all bugs under “I don’t know”.

Technically, ask.fp.o is the opening stage of a “bug tracker”. It is intended as a space for our community of users to come to ask a technical question they are unable to solve. So I am going to disagree with you on that point. I would also point out the resultant bug filing (or not) was not adequate likely to solve or even recreate the issue in this case, and it is a result of how the initial reply to the OP was handled.

If this was for a released version then I would have agreed that it is fine to post / ask here.

But here this is about Rawhide and KDE 6, which explicitly mentions on the wallpaper to report bugs upstream.

@fernandommuniz Please post the links to the bugs that you have opened upstream in the threads here.

Thanks for filling the bugs. I’ve fixed the components, versions, etc.