Kinoite: How to disable the Fedora repo on Discover?

Hi. Discover is really slow for me, and I have it deactivated from starting automatically already.

All I use it for is occasional discovery of some Flatpak apps, as I dont install native applications (apart from small packages) anyways.

How can I disable all but Flatpak for Discovers repos, and not effect the actual /etc/yum.repos.d/repos?

in ~/.config/discoverrc there are only Flatpak repos stored. I guess this needs to be a packagekit config?

No answer yet? Its actually pretty nice how well rpm-ostree works now in Discover. It displays all info etc. but slows it down immensly.

So it would be really good to disable the Fedora repos and block updating the system through the client, if you do this through the CLI already.

weird, I asked this twice. Cant delete the discussion

rpm-ostree override remove plasma-discover-rpm-ostree

This, combined with custom automatic updates, is the way I will go