Kickstart or pxeboot fedora

I am trying to attempt to install Fedora from kickstart. I have a kickstart env already setup using CentOS 8 so I would like to continue to use that. I am using the same method in my /var/lib/tftpboot/pfexlinux.cfg/default as I would with CentOS. Every time I try to boot Fedora via Kickstart 1) it is VERY slow. not sure why. 2) I get to the point of switching to root and it just dies. Do I need to switch to uEFI? I would like to not have to do this…

label 1
menu label ^1) Install CentOS 8
menu default
nohalt 1
kernel networkboot/centos/8/vmlinuz
append initrd=networkboot/centos/8/initrd.img ip=dhcp ipv6.disable=1 inst.ks= inst.repo= inst.stage2= method= devfs=nomount

label 9
menu label ^9) Install Fedora 32
nohalt 1
kernel networkboot/fedora/32/vmlinuz
append initrd=networkboot/fedora/32/initrd.img ip=dhcp inst.repo= inst.stage2= inst.ks= method= devfs=nomoun