Kickstart on some clients gets losetup error

on a new norebook (thinkpad t14) i get an error by kickstartinstalling it.

same installation, in same net works for older thinkpad.

the client gets ip, asks the tftp-server for files and gets the files (as in: Client x.x.x.243 finished fedora33/uefi/grub.cfg)

then i get this errormessage and the install stops:

losetup: /tmp/curl_fetch_url1/install.img: Warning: file does not fit into a 512-byte sector

only hint i can find for now is a case from redhat for rhel-install, where the reason for the problem ist written, as the client not getting vmlinuz, what i can see in the logs the clients actually gets.

dhcp and tftp is centos, kickstart works for other clients…


I would interpret this as a wrong (to small sectors) formatted hard drive. Check with a working one and compare.

Most newer drives have either a 4096 byte physical sector or a 512 byte physical and 4096 byte logical sector. That is what it is complaining about.
The problem may be the partitioning on the drive (gpt works, as does almost all other newer msdos partitions) or it may be the age of the drive itself.

hi there,

just an update. i figured out the problem.
in the install.img not all of the newest drivers are included, so during installation, when the switch from pxe to the img occures, the client looses connection.

the errormessage is somewhat misleading…