Kickstart instal dependancies with rpm-ostree

Hi All
After a few days of searching and trying, I’m hoping there is a clean solution.

I’m wondering if its possible to install dependencies into Silverblue/ Kinonite while running a Kickstart

For Fedora Workstation, I know its possible to request packages at setup using the following syntax. E.g.

# Package Selection

However I cant seem to get this to work with Silverblue/Kinonite.
Ideally I’m looking to layer the following packages:

rpm-ostree install mesa-libGLU webkit2gtk4.0 wine-core wine-core.i686

Is there a different option in Kickstart i should be using, or is this not implemented in the Silverblue/Kinonite (not sure what to call the distros based on RPM-Ostree) ecosystem

Many thanks

This is not implemented for Fedora Silverblue/KInoite/etc. You will have to create a fix boot script doing it or use a container image to create a derived image with your packages.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I’m currently using universal Blue as the method to create a derived image with the dependencies baked into it. It’s also allowing me to script post install with relative ease