Keyring Authentication required prompt every login

Every time I log in, all my online accounts, email accounts, and calendars get invalidated because it says “Keyring password does not match your login password” and my password doesn’t work to unlock the keyring. All the solutions out there say to delete the keyring files in ~/.local/share/keyring and that works for that session. That’s now what I have to do every time I log in to stop receiving infinite keyring login errors (clicking cancel just makes it pop up again). Once those are deleted, I can reenter my Online Accounts passwords and things seem to work - that is until reboot and I receieve the error message again. No password I’ve used in the past or ever set unlocks the keyring. I’ve never set a keyring specific password. How can I get my system working correctly again? Attached screenshot of the keyring error message.

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sudo dnf install seahorse

Applications > Passwords and Keys > Passwords > Login > Change Password


Thank you. Changing my password with this tool has stopped the onslaught of Keyring errors.

So, is it not safe to change password in the Settings > Users panel then?

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This is normal if someone wants to use different session and keyring passwords.
Otherwise, changing one requires to change the other to keep them in sync.

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Got it. As the result of some other tinkering I had been doing weeks ago, I didn’t notice I was using X11 windowing system since then. I think the keyring issue started around that time. Now I’m back on Wayland as well, that might also have cleared it up. Thanks again for your response and solution

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@vgaetera This issue has cropped up again - sometimes when I log in I am inundated with ““Keyring password does not match your login password”” messages. My password (the only password I use on this machine) is incorrect.

If I restart my computer there is no problem with using the computer. If I log out and then log back in, I cannot access my keyring. However, now, I cannot change my Login keyring password. When prompted for “Enter the old password for the “Login” keyring”, the password is incorrect and I cannot change the password as I was able to before.

??? I’m at a loss. I am only using “Gnome on Wayland” sessions.