Keyboard layout in the login screen

I am since the release of fedora 30 using fedora 30 and login in was always nor problem. After the most recent update i encounter a problem. The keyboard layout for logging in is now changed to a “qwerty” layout [en] instead of the German “qwertz” layout in my settings.

This can be a huge problem for people using letters, which you cannot find on the English key layout like the German “öäüß” keys. This can break a system if you are not able to log in and also cannot update your machine.


I had the same problem. I uninstalled snapd and the problem is gone.

I found the solution on this topic: Fedora login takes too long (sudo,gdm,lightdm has problems too)
Solution without uninstalling snapd: Slow sudo execution since snapd update


I had a very similar problem when I replaced the keyboard on my Dell Latitude just the other day. It didn’t allow me, on first login, to select the Dvorak layout I normally use. Since I’m a touch typist, it took me a moment to get it right using querty (yeah, my “muscle memory” is pretty overwhelming when it comes to typing).
Much to my surprise and satisfaction, it correctly implemented the dvorak layout the next time I powered down-up and logged in again.

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