Kerneltest badges not delivered

I got this one, big thank you!

As i understand a Science Badge (with i still miss) is a different bug?

Yes, the Science and Mad Science series of badges appear to be broken. They will be looked into once the Badges 2.0 is ready.

Thanks a lot for your work @gui1ty, I got mine now too.

And thanks to everyone who is working hard to bring the Fedora badges to the next level for the whole community!

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How do I not have a single kernel test day badge? I have run every one we ever held! :slight_smile:

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Login on and check if you have everything there you expect to have.

After this coment on the magic badge topic and your badges will be transferred to discourse.

Unfortunately the process is still manually … but mattdm announced it will be automated soon.

If this is you:

Just replay and give a “Helo World” or what ever and you get flooded with patches.

It seems your contribution didn’t count here.
I suspect the kernel team doing tests different as im the first and the only one who sended the risc-v kernel test :wink:

Well, you don’t have it because you didn’t submit your results for inclusion on the test week page.

But I cut you a deal. You change your avatar to a more recent image of yourself like you did on Matrix and I’ll personally award you the F38 Kernel Test Day Participant badge.

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Hmm, thanks for pointing that out. I assumed the changing the default libravatar pic would change it everywhere, but it seems not so automatically.

Using the same email on libavatar as you use on accounts-fp-org should do the link.

I changed it, I had to go into my profile here and refresh. I guess Discourse caches the image for a bit.

:badger: ← awarded you a badge

Appreciate it!

You are welcome. That new profile picture is a perfect fit. In my mind I’m zooming out and I can see the border collie and the herd of sheep complementing the picture. :four_leaf_clover: :ireland:

It’s a kind of “Johnny come lately” but I’ve just stumbled on this thread, sorry, topic and checked if I’m listed on Kernel 6.4 Test Week. I am. No badge. But as @mattdm explained to me much earlier it has something to do with dash between my name and surname. That dash makes me quite badge resistant. Or maybe it’s because I didn’t wrote anything in comments. I was in a rush, and it compiled fine, so nothing interesting to write. :slight_smile:

Yep no Badge for me yet either. Oh well I guess we’re not testing anything anyway lol