Kerneltest badges not delivered

I made my homework on the weekend and tested on F38 the newest kernel.

I tested with the live iso and also on my local installation. Both passed successfully.

Unfortunately no sign of new badges. Can someone please have a look what is going wrong?

Notification time stamped 2023-07-09 15:14:21 UTC

ilikelinux ran a test of 6.4.2-201.fc38.x86_64 (PASS)

As there is still a open request on I avoided to create a new on. So pleas I would like to have a feedback.

Sorry to hear. Would you happen to know which badge you are referring to? There appear to be multiple badges related to kernel testing.

I closed that issue. GitHub was used during the development of the software. Badge requests and issues with badges are tracked on Pagure. I see one open issue for kernel test badge: Issue #622: Kernel Test Day participant badge - fedora-badges -

If that is the badge you are missing, please leave a comment in the ticket. I’m not sure what the status of that badge is currently.

I do refer to the above announcement and it links to the badges here:

I do not want to fuss around on pagure. It is too slow. lets keep the communication here where it got announced. I also would like to motivate others who always complain that their hardware not works while changing a kernel that they participate on this test days/weeks.

So instructions have to be clear and rewards have to work. Otherwise people feel crappy.

I try to share my experience so that it gets easy to do this tests. Especially for users outside of usa with limited international bandwidth speed.

My recommendations:

Use the kerneltest-*.iso. Downloading it is much faster than update to the newest kernel and take the kernel packages from pagure. If you have the Iso you just have to adjust the .config to upload the test results.

If you test in a other Time Zone than NewYork change to your locales so that the time is correct.
Otherwise the first test might gives you failure and it will not pass.

(Keep your Username and Password ready as you use on
to upload the results!)

Config: QA:Testcase kernel regression - Fedora Project Wiki

4 Allow testsuite to make their heap memory executable
$ sudo semanage boolean -m --on selinuxuser_execheap

5 cd into the kernel-tests directory
$ cd kernel-tests

6 Configure automatic submission of the test results and your FAS username:

  • (Keep your Username and Password ready as you use on to upload the results!, especially if you chosen not to use the PW in the config script)

    $ cp config.example .config
    $ nano .config


You can continue here QA:Testcase kernel regression - Fedora Project Wiki

It’s fine to discuss the issue here. But without a ticket on Pagure, people maintaining badges will not necessarily know that there is an issue.

For your other comments, I think that’s deviating from the topic of this thread: Kerneltest badges not delivered. This should be a new thread or split off from this thread.

@sumantrom Do you happen to know if the Kernel Tester badge is broken? I tried poking around in Datagrepper, but was unable to unearth a message for the specific user. I guess my query might be malformed. It returns results, but more than I’d expect and for different agents (users).

Yes I will report it and link to the topic here:
Issue #155: Kernel Tester - fedora-badges -

Issue #912: Kernel Tester does not work as before. - fedora-badges -

Probably we also have to call @mattdm, because of the migration from ask to discussion.fp.o. I worked heavy with the ask.fp.o account before migration. As I realized this here seams to be the one from discussion.fp.o while the data from the other got merged in to this one ?!

I will move it as soon I sorted it out with the badges. I let it here so that if someone needs the information to reproduce what I Did. With preference someone who was as I, more active on ask.fp.o than on discussion.fp.o

I’m confused here — how does this relate?

When working in support we always had to take in consideration such facts. As I not see behind the curtains I mentioned it :wink:

I still not get badges …

On your profile at, you have all 6 badges that you have at Fedora Badges.

We haven’t implemented the Ask/Discussion specific ones yet.

I made the kernel test and this I guess is not ask fedora specific.

This I know. I just want to report that other than Redhad Users quite have problems with getting any badges not related to ask/discussion?

I also haven’t gotten my kernel tester badge, but it looks like this is being worked on.


Sad but truth and not just the ask related ones.

Since the automated badges system is out of order and since there aren’t too many badges that need to be awarded, maybe @t0xic0der could manually award the people listed in the first column here: Kernel 6.4 Test Week

Just a thought.

curl -sS | awk -F '</?td>' '/\s+<td>([a-zA-Z0-9_\-\.]*)<\/td>/{print $2}' | uniq | wc -l


Well, maybe there are quite a few. But I know Akash is good with scripting and I suspect he has access to poke around in the DB and knows the system quite well by now since he has been working frantically on getting it working. :slight_smile:

@glb, I am working on the renewed/revamped/re-whatever version of the Badges service. I think it would make sense to tag @gui1ty who has the access to push and award badges manually in regards to addressing the badges to be rewarded for participating in the Kernel Test event.

@sumantrom, tagging you here as well as you reached out to me about being able to manually award badges to the Kernel Test event participants during Flock To Fedora 2023.

I will get in touch with @gui1ty on Monday (would you be available during the Fedora Badges development meeting call?) and attempt manually awarding folks with the badges. I do have access to the DB but I intentionally took a segregated snapshot to helm the development of the new system. About the older one, I think we’ll have to do with workarounds (like these) until the new system hits the production environment so apologies if I have let down people :frowning: .

It seems I haven’t quite caught up yet…

I’m sure @t0xic0der is able to do that. I’m not sure he’s done it before. I have and since I’m more at the admin end of things I will take care of it.

Thanks. That will get me the list of users (dropping | wc -l of course) as input for the script.

No need to poke around in the database. We have scripts for awarding badges manually. The art is in knowing where they live. :wink:

I plan on attending the meeting on Monday. But I also plan on having this done before then. Having the list and the script it becomes a trivial oneliner.

Long story short: things were delayed by Flock followed by my vacation. :four_leaf_clover: I’m back now and have almost caught up with my backlog. Let’s roll!

Expect some badges soon all ya eager kernel testers. :badger:

A quick update.

I was all ready and set to award a bunch of badges when I found out that the badge to be awarded has not yet been approved. So, pending the final approval, you will have to sit tight for a little longer.

Regarding the Science and Mad Science series of badges, I acknowledge that these are broken, but I won’t put any more effort into investigating why. That effort is better put into helping out developing Badges 2.0. We will review and fix badges once that is in place.

for TESTER in $(curl -sS | awk -F '</?td>' '/\s+<td>([a-zA-Z0-9_\-\.]*)<\/td>/{print $2}' | uniq); do award-badge --user ${TESTER} --badge f38-kernel-test-day-participant; done

Script is currently running. Badges should be with all participants shortly, provided the user name is correct and registered in badges.