Kernel update interrupted by header callback


Any ideia of what is going on?

Ran a sudo dnf update and got this error message.

kernel-core-6.1.8-200.fc37.x86_64.rpm: Interrupted by header callback: Inconsistent server data, reported file Content-Length: 16397905, repository metadata states file length: 51344977 (please report to repository maintainer)

Maybe a timing issue with your update?
I conjecture that the mirror in use may have had only a partial copy at the exact time you were doing the update so the file did not match the metadata. Try it again and see if the same exact error occurs.

Dnf should have automatically switched to a different mirror and completed the update.

I had a similar error with the delta rpm (.drpm) for 2 different 6.1.8 kernel packages last night but it downloaded the full packages successfully.