Kernel update causing ctrl-event-beacon-loss


I just moved in from endeavour os because I was having this issue… running journalctl -f would show me a bunch of lines about my wlan0, handshakes, new dhcps, and then connectivity would be lost with the message “ctrl-event-beacon-loss”.

For some reason I didnt have that issue while running it live but still I decided to move on to fedora. It was all good with zero issues until I updated the system and then everything started happened again. I am inclined to believe this is caused by a kernel update.

I am sorry I cant give more details as I just reinstalled the system which is now normal again. Sadly I cant reproduce that behavior or give any deeper technical details unless I update my system again…

Regarding my question, this tutorial I found is teaching me how to exclude kernel updates from a configuration file called dnf.conf. It is giving this example:

exclude=kernel-5.2.17-200.fc30, kernel-core-5.2.17-200.fc30, kernel-devel-5.2.17-200.fc30, kernel-modules-5.2.17-200.fc30, kernel-modules-extra-5.2.17-200.fc30

Im a bit of a novice so I am not sure what this is all about. Should I list my kernel? All available kernels? Other… files? So could someone kindly teach me how to find out exactly what I should do? Perhaps redirect me to some resource?

Thank you.

Hi, each time we upgrade the kernel, from BIOS boot list there should be a new list with newly installed kernel alongside with older kernel. By default there are 3 kernel versions that preserves by the system in case the newly installed kernel not working with our device. If this is what happen, we can choose the older kernel from the BIOS boot list.

To prevent the working kernel removed by system when we upgrade, make sure on the BIOS boot list to choose the working kernel and upgrade the system from there.

But if you are sure to keep the current kernel and no plan to upgrade it, you can use dnf plugin version lock.

# Install `dnf versionlock` plugin
sudo dnf install 'dnf-command(versionlock)'

# Lock certain version of packages
sudo dnf versionlock add PACKAGE-55.66.77.fc35

Here the dnf version lock plugin documentation.