Kernel Removal following Test Days

Variants of this have been posted elsewhere, (e.g., atim/awesome-fish and landgraf/puppet3) but I have two entries that persist in my boot menu after I installed them for testing. I installed kernel-5.11.4-50.fc33.x86_64, and the 5.11.5 version. I attempted to uninstall them with sudo dnf remove kernel-core- and sudo dnf remove kernel-devel- (Same with 5.11.5). However, kernel-5.11.4-50.fc33.x86_64+debug and the 5.11.5…+debug still appear in the boot menu. How can I remove them?

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I think its because these debug kernels are still installed, I suggest trying:

sudo dnf remove kernel-5.11.4-50.fc33.x86_64+debug

(Also the same for other).

Check the output from dnf before proceeding.

Thanks Tom.

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You can do a “dnf list installed kernel*” then the output will give you the exact package names to remove. For example one of my older kernels with all its supporting packages could be removed with all packages for the same kernel by using
“dnf remove kernel*5.10.18*” and it would remove all packages related to the 5.10.18 kernel. Similarly a like command
“dnf remove kernel*5.11.4* kernel*5.11.5*” would allow removal of all remaining packages related to those 2 kernels.


Tom, your command only returns that there is no match for argument kernel-5.11.4-50.fc33.x86_64+debug.

JV, the returned kernels from your “dnf list” command were only the 5.10.20 and 5.10.22 that I am actually using or would conceivably use. Nevertheless, I used the “dnf remove” command on the 5.11.4 and 5.11.5 kernels per your syntax and it did the job, and I no longer have the offending kernels listed in my boot menu.

Many thanks, gentlemen!


I made a mistake in that post. The command was supposed to show as “dnf list installed kernel*” but I see it only was displayed as “dnf list installed kernel”

With the proper syntax it would have displayed the other 5.11.N kernel packages as well. I missed in the proofreading of my post. Sorry.
I have edited that post to show the command as intended.

Very cool. Thanks!

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