Kernel panic suddenly in my silverblue and can't be logged in with any imgs

Strange kernel panic without any issues.

Do you mean that also selecting a previous deployment in grub, you get a kernel panic as well?
Are you able to boot a live USB?
Maybe it is an hardware issue?

Yes i could see window in Live usb.
Now i am thinking to chroot into my system using a workstation iso and then reinstall kernel to fix this issue.
Can you provide commands to do so it will be helpful my installed system was a silverblue.
rpm-ostree reinstall kernel* will it work

I have 4 options boot 0 1

Reinatalling kernel
What is the name of the kernel package and also
Do i need to do grub update followed by that can you help.

Btw forgot to mention i have silverblue but i live booted using a workstation iso.

Sorry, I don’t know if it is possible, or better, how to perform recovery operations from a live on Silverblue.
My suggestion to boot a live ISO was in order to check if the behavior would have been the same or not.

From the second picture, I see you have the same version on both the deployment. This could explain why you get the kernel panic in both cases; probably both deployment are borked in the same way.

anyways reinstalled workstation it is working fine though but still i dont know that old kernel broke as in silverblue it is a read only partition hence i think it need some investigation but i could not able to do so.

no it was not a hardware as i could use it without issues.

Yes indeed.

Please do not tag specific people asking them to help with your individual problems. I know it’s frustrating to have an emergency like this, but all assistance here is voluntary, and the people who are able to help will see it.

But why my kernel panic happend on the first place as i always download apps from flathub and always try to be as updated as possible and yesterday i download a pdf and i think i was editing that pdf with pdf arranger app and that pdf was not a malware i checked that file with virus total but i was green no issues.
But i still don’t understand as kernel is on read only partition(in silverblue) it can’t be chnaged anyways so how it got broken…

Sounds like a file system error, there might be more info in the journal.
Next time try to force file system check from a live session.
Then verify the package database integrity and fix SELinux labels.
Although I’m not sure about Silverblue specific commands.

yes i can do this but i need to study so i don’t have that much time for. so i just reinstalled but why that happened as it is a silverblue immutable from this events when i was using workstation i never have such a issue,

This isn’t necessarily true. A hardware problem can cause intermittent errors — something works fine sometimes, but fails under different circumstances. Of course, other times it’s a catastrophic failure, which is at least easier to diagnose. But some failure could depend on temperature, or resource usage and not happen otherwise. (And this could for example cause filesystem corruption if it happens at just the wrong time.)

As far as I understand, it is not totally immutable since creating and removing deployments still requires write operations on the same file system.
Even if it utilizes a different subvolume, the file system and the storage device is still the same, so a single critical file system error or a storage failure is enough to break all deployments.
Keep in mind that errors and failures can be transient and sometimes difficult to reproduce.

actually yesterday i was doing somthing maybe editing a pdf downloaded from internet i feel something wrong as files not opening and i thought a restart will fix but restart and power off options were gone only log out was there doing that make system screen black with blinking _ so i turn system off just switch off and after start i find that panic…? which is strange.