Kernel Panic On Boot After An Update Today

It seems that the update from kernel 5.9.11-200 to 5.10.9-201 has broken my system. At boot, I get a kernel panic.

I don’t know how to pull logs from a kernel panic that early in the boot process. Can I get some direction on troubleshooting this?

Selecting the older kernel in grub still works. Can I get some direction on locking that kernel version and setting it as default in grub?

Fedora 33
Intel Core i7-4790K CPU
AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU

Not sure if other hardware would matter.

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This might help: Kernel/EarlyDebugging - Fedora Project Wiki

I don’t know much more than this but I have a system with a similar graphics card (the W5700) on order so I’m following with interest!

You may also try RawhideKernelNodebug - Fedora Project Wiki ­— I see that 5.11.0-rc4 is available there and there’s a chance the problem is already fixed.

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Installing kernel 5.11.0-0.rc4.129 from the rawhide-kernel-nodebug repository seems to have put me back into working condition, more or less the same state I was in under version 5.9.11-200.

Unfortunate that there was a breakage at all. Hopefully there isn’t a regression before 5.11 is cut.

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Yeah, I’d like to get multiple high-end graphics cards to everyone on our kernel and QA teams so we’d catch these things (seriously, no snark intended) but it just isn’t practically possible. So the best thing is for the community to help by running with updates-testing enabled and then noting serious regressions in our update system (like this update for 5.10.9-201). That way, they can be caught before the release to the main testing repo, and hopefully fixed for everyone.

One of the main linux graphics subsystem maintainers has this to say:

Those are Navi based, should be good out of the box on f33, but there are no guarantees because graphics drivers like to regress when you turn your back on them

Is there a formal guide for how to contribute as a hardware tester, and report failures in the update channel?

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We do! See QA:Updates Testing - Fedora Project Wiki for information on the testing repositories and how to enable them, and the What to test, testing, and reporting results section of that page in particular.

That links to the longer Update feedback guidelines.

This is an awesome way to help us make Fedora better for everyone!

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