Kernel panic after latest F33 update on system with Windows on another drive

To start, I want to say I’m not certain this is a Fedora issue, it is probably an issue in my boot config or maybe windows (a separate ssd on the same machine runs windows). However, the behavior started after rebooting from the most recent Fedora 33 update, and the install was stable for more than a month, so it is possible Fedora is to blame. I have been booting back and forth between windows 10 and Fedora without issue for weeks, until this issue.

behavior: machine boots to grub with:

error: ../../grub-core/kern/d1.c:265:invalid arch-independent ELF magic.

Output of set:

> set 

Attempted solutions:

ls command in grub, determining which should be root and prefix, setting root and prefix to the correct values, and insmod normal

boot-repair-disk: reports repaired, but no change in issue.


Fedora 33 R3600 ASUS b450i Any further questions on specs are welcome, I can’t think of what else is relevant.


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I googled the message (ERROR: Invalid Arch Independent ELF Magic) and saw that it is not a specific fedora problem … it seams that a file from grub got corrupted and is not writable anymore. So a


of grub should replace the corrupt file and fix the boot problem.

I took a link who is 7 years old and not from the fedora community:

Sorry, forgot to put in the post that I already reinstalled grub. Upon boot machine still drops into GRUB shell, no boot. I think it’s related to Fedora because it happened during a reboot for an update. BTRFS repair suite was also unable to fix the BTRFS filesystem, seems corrupted.

My best guess at this point is that the Fedora update broke my filesystem and grub can’t find it.