Kernel overwriting when dual-booting two fedora installations with share /boot partition

I don’t know anything about the nuances of the booting process, but reading this paragraph I couldn’t help but think you’re conflating disk partitions with mount points in it.

If you had two different partitions, one each for different EFI partitions, and two different ones for /boot, it really does seem like it’d be possible to determine at boot time which ones to mount on /boot and /boot/efi.

Wouldn’t those two things, along with separate / and /home be setup to discriminate at installation time?

(And, yes, I fully expect to be heckled mercilessly by Villy and Jeff for this take…) :slight_smile:

Good luck, OP!

That is exactly what was said.

Using only one efi partition for both systems would force one to use only one /boot partition due to the way grub works in fedora.

Having one efi partition independently for each installed system would also allow one /boot partition for each installed system. Thus when one selected the appropriate system to boot from the bios boot menu it would automatically mount the proper partitions (AKA file systems) (AKA /boot, /boot/efi, /, & /home) that are appropriate for that system.

You are absolutely correct. The only nuance there would be the (probable) necessity to use the bios boot menu to select the particular efi partition to boot since doing so from grub would necessitate creating a manual menu entry for grub to enable booting from the other efi partition.