Kernel mismatch

As someone appointed on the telegram chat today,
there is a missing package in the updates repos.
kernel-headers are stuck at 5.5.9. Is there a specific reason for that?

Some of us do not know about the “Telegram Chat” sir.
Which version of Fedora are you running? Which version of the kernel are you on? Which repositories are you accessing?

I would also like to know what you mean by “Telegram Chat”.

The difference in version numbers is perfectly normal. kernel-headers is only rebuild when something changes, independent of a release of a new kernel package. Some time soon you will see the version numbers of these packages in sync again.

Topic has been discussed recently:

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There is among other things in fedora infrastructure, IRC, keybase chat, matrix chat and also a telegram group chat.
Telegram = the social network app which is considered as some point of an encrypted messages app.
But that was a side note anyway, that’s okey if you don’t know it.
So a a different versions kernel number is not different enough to get us a package available in the repositories ?
My kernel, which comes from @updates repository as well, is 5.5.13-200.fc31.x86-64

Thanks for link by the way I wasn’t aware of that change since in several if not most distributions you always have the correlated headers package for those who needs to build something. So I guess will have to learn a new way to build anything that requires the base of the headers then.

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Maybe you can be more specific. What are the issues that you are experiencing that require different kernel-headers?

Here are the official Social Media networks/groups including responsible community members:

And you can find an exhaustive list of official IRC channels here: (some may be bridged to Telegram).

Well several software are requiring in their doc to get the same headers as the current core.
We can say virtualbox, nvidia drivers official installer, … I’m sure I m forgetting some.

Those proprietary softwares you are mentioning are often causing problems. Maybe look for free and opensource alternatives or alternative installation methods (they exist!)(I am happy suggest some if you are interested).

In the meantime, take a look at the package build page to identify the lastest kernel-headers, then boot the corresponding kernel for installation of your softwares. Anyways, kernels 5.5.14 and 5.5.15 come with kernel-headers. So, just update your system and you are good to go.

Yes I know @florian.
But for nvidia I have a current thread on this platform about the problem that I encounter with every single repo but I’m still waiting for @FranciscoD to unblock me on IRC to explain to me how he wants me to change my thread since he filtered it.

For oracle product, I unfortunately not have the choice, it’s part of my work. So I still needs it on some of my hosts at least.

Thanks for the workaround I had the same idea.

This is an example of not being “excellent to each other”. I’ve not blocked you on IRC, and neither did I filter the post. It was flagged by another user of the forum, and instead of blocking it, I let it through the moderation process so that I could reply and explain the situation to you.

So, let’s not assume the worst in our colleagues: that’ll improve your experience in the community.

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Sorry but I fail to see how is that aggressive, or anything else than just stating a fact based on my end-client.

but I’m still waiting for @FranciscoD to unblock me on IRC to explain to me how he wants me to change my thread since he filtered it.
You are seeing or interpretating something that he’s not.

Why am I thinking that you’ve blocked me:
1/ after you answered me on IRC, I’ve tried to send you messages in response to explain why you were extrapolating too much based on what I was saying and tried to explain to you once again what I was really asking, not what you think that I’m asking. and this is the message I got in response for each message:
Received an error on []( err_nosuchnick ["boistordu","franciscod","No such nick/channel"]
Which is on my riot messenger app, in my experience, the sign that a “bridge-room” cannot be created again because one of them has blocked the other. But that’s my experience, maybe there is another reason to that I don’t know.
2/ you were still in the list of the user and so normally online

To Edit my post according to the requirements you are asking me, I need to ask you very specific question that I’ve already asked you in my first message on IRC but you apparently missed it since you didn’t answer them. And since my messages were blocked by you or by the system for an unknown reason, you didn’t get my second explanation and my re-iteration of my questioning. Because yes, sorry but as I’ve shown here now, I don’t know what your interpretation of what I’ve written yesterday and I’m missing then how what i wrote is inappropriate. That’s why I need specifics.

and sorry for this long text but apparently you are not understanding me correctly since you are thinking that I said things that I actually never meant.
And by the way the thread is closed anyway but I guess that when I will have edited the post it will be unclosed automatically.

This is because by then I had quit my IRC client and was no longer on IRC. IRC is not something most of us hang out 24x7.

Then the list of users was wrong. If I was online, I would’ve received your message.

Here, instead of assuming that there was a system glitch, or some other issue, you jumped to the conclusion that I had blocked you. That was not the only possible interpretation of the facts. You chose an interpretation that would accuse another person of being rude. How is that you being “excellent to each other”? Give people the benefit of the doubt, and they’ll do the same for you. If you assume the worst in them, they do the same for you.

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I’m gad that it was a glitch of the system then. Don’t forget that everyone has it own background so the fact to being used to something doesn’t make this someone evil jsut because he thinks that someone has used his liberty to block him. If it is something that he’s used to, it’s not something that you should point it at him but more have empathy.
But I’m totally thankful and grateful that you then, didn’t block me and that you consider it to be rude. I would gladly point out several testimonies where people are claiming that it’s not rude and just the exercise of their rights, if you are interested but that’s off-topic.

I still fail to see how my other thread about nvidia was rude or even provocative or aggressive. For me I was just stating facts. And again I’m totally calm down, but so I still will need to ask you my specifics questions to which you didn’t respond on IRC when you have the time so that I can change my thread accordingly.
So see you on IRC when you have the time.

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