Kernel-6.8.11 crashes on resume with nvidia-470xx

Fedora 39 KDE plasma x11 rpmfusion nvidia drivers.
kernel-6.8.8 is okay but kernel-6.8.11 crashes instead of resuming from sleep.

Intel Core i7-4700HQ

Would you consider a upgrade to Fedora 40 and get kernel 6.9.4 ?

My Fedora 40 (kernel-6.8.11) workstation with AMD (amd E2 CPU+R5GPU) can’t resume finally after the suspend image from swap partition shown on display in For, it works. I turned on /sys/power/pm_debug_messages , but the journal log can’t be found for the resume failure. Appreciating who can help me on this !

I’m having the same problem of unreliable resume from sleep with the 6.9.4 kernel – instead or resume the system reboots.

Did any of the previous kernels have the issues ?