Kernel 6.4.15-200 Failure of initrd-switch-root.service

Hi, Since I installed kernel 6.4.15 my system only starts in text mode. There is not the usual gnome login screen. Just an invitation to login to root#.
I can still login normally to kernel 6.4.14 or 5.4.13, with no problems.
Installing the 6.4.15 kernel occurred at about the same time I had upgraded the system bios, but I dont think that this is the problem since the earlier kernels work fine.

There are a number of alerts when I look at /run/initramfs/rdsosreport.txt.
These include: “x86/cpu SGX disabled by BIOS”, “DPC: RP PIO log size 0 is invalid”, “wmi: failed to parse WDG method”, and “/usr/libsystemd/system-generators/zram-generator failed with exit 1”.
I have tried re-installing the troublesome kernel, running Memtest, and re-installing the GNOME group desktop but these actions did not help.

System is DELL XPS 9300 16Gb RAM and 1 Tb SSD.
Running Linux Fedora 38 Workstation, up to date, and occasionally dual booting with Win 10.

The problem seems very much beyond my meagre knowledge.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, but not urgent since I am still ahppily using kernel 6.4.14.

With thanks, Couran.

What’s your GPU?
There’s kernel 6.5.4 now available in updates-testing, please try that one.

Hi Kamil,
Thanks for your email about my initrd-switch-root.service issue.
I tried the testing kernel 6.5.4 but no luck there.
I also tried other things that were suggested by several of those who offered help when I posted.
My GPU is an Intel Corporation Iris Plus Graphics G7 (rev 07). (Built into the XPS laptop.) But I don’t think that this was related to the problem since I could still reach the gnome login screen using kernel 6.4.14.

In the end I tried one of the suggestions on a similar post which was made by “Jeff V computersavvy” relating to the same problem someone struck with Fc 36 in September/October 2022.

Jeff V’s suggestion related to the .conf files in /boot/loader/entries/. In the .conf entry for the 6.4.14 kernel there was an option but there was no option for the .conf file relating to the 6.4.15 kernel.

His suggestion was to copy the option in the 6.4.14 into the option line for the 6.4.15 .conf file. I was able to do this using nano. Then the system could boot the 6.4.15 kernel directly into the gnome login screen and all works well.

I hope that this might help anyone else who comes across this problem.

Many thanks to all who offered assistance.

I will try to work out how to mark this as solved. I am not sure if I will trike the same problem with the next kernel upgrade.

Thanks again, Couran.

If you don’t mind could you post what the difference was between the two boot to loader entries?


Please also post a link to the thread post that provided the answer. There are many with entries referencing /boot/loader/entries/

Hi Joe,

The difference , which I pasted after “options” was:
root=UUID=18b9a61c-6c8d-4f07-a75e-992821e04b89 ro rootflags=subvol=root resume=UUID=e4a6f39b-a015-4b41-9de2-019a39528ec5 rhgb quiet

(all one line)

The multi-digit numbers relate of course to my particular partition and system. Obviously they will be different for your system.

Hope that this helps. Couran.

Sorry, but I’m not familiar with how the site works. Haven’t used it before.

I hope that this is the link:
Failed to start initrd-switch-root.service - Switch Root - #12 by computersavvy.

Could you let me know if this is what you were asking for?

Thanks, Couran.

Thanks, and yes I believe that is what I asked about